La Madera (Clases y Caracteristicas)

La elaboracion de mesas de madera modernas: 18 proyectos elegantes de deseno artesano (Reparar y renovar series)

Addressing homeowners' needs, this series provides instruction for successful home repairs and remodeling, from the simple to the sophisticated. From plumbing and floor repairs to wall and window replacement, projects are illustrated by step-by-step instructions and tips. Tricks of the trade and safety recommendations are provided. Each job is categorized by difficulty level and is accompanied by a list of necessary tools.

La Madera En La Arquitectura 2

Juguetes De Madera

Enciclopedia de Tecnicas de Talla En Madera

Estructuras de Madera

Ensamblajes de Madera - Facil -

El Hombre y La Madera